รหัสสินค้า : TK6


0.00 THB

ราคารวม 0.00 THB

General Feature For : Liquid                                             

1] Gives you an ideal solution of flow measurement: non-intrusive, contact less, zero or little pressure drop, inline measurement regardless of the electric characteristics of the fluid. The UCUF made of all high-purity PFA is one of the lineup for chemical and semiconductor industries.                                              

2] The flowmeter clamped on the surface of the metallic or plastic pipes without direct contact with fluids can measure even corrosive, high viscous, slurry liquids with no pressure loss. It can be used also on existing pipes from smaller than 25 mm to larger than 1 m in diameter. Portable or inline types are available too.


  • UCUF : 0-80 L/min         
  • SFC : Converter 0/4-20 mA DC 
  • UCM/UCF : 0-8 L/min     
  • UL300 : 0-10 m/s