Heat Exchangers

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With its advanced design, the PRIMIX heat exchanger holds a unique position between conventional shell and tube heat exchangers. All PRIMIX heat exchangers are designed and produced to customer specifications. The heat exchangers are available for the treatment of all sorts of viscous liquids.

Quicker refreshment, better heat transfer

The design of the spiral-shaped element naturally provides increased transfer – up to a factor of 3. This is caused by the strong radial flow that generates an increase in the refreshment rate on the walls of the process pipe. When low tolerances and nickel-high vacuum-brazed techniques are implemented, this factor may even add up to a factor of 10.


• Special distribution head and mixer element connection result in true plug fl ow preventing product degradation

• Improved heater transfer rate – resulting in 30 – 40% lower weight

• Low pressure drop at product and service fl uid side

• Lower volumes and shorter residence times