Static Mixer

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PRIMIX static mixer lets you create a homogeneously distributed mixture between liquids and/or gasses in a continuous process. This is done without any moving part, with the result that no extra electrical supply or mechanical elements are required. This makes the PRIMIX static mixers very low-maintenance components and extremely safe from a process-technical point of view.

A PRIMIX static mixer is easy to clean in a CIP cycle and depending on the process requirements, the system may have a fully sanitary/sterile/aseptic fi nish. In the case of static mixers with removable mixer elements, cleaning can e done externally. This is very practical for example in the processing of highly viscous media.


• No moving parts

• No mechanical seals

• No maintenance

• No leakage

• Predictable homogeneity

• Low energy dissipation

• Low investment / short return of investment

• Easy scale-up

• In line processing